About Us

ZRemit is an application that has been developed for the purpose of serving decentralized, direct and fast transfers across countries. Applying the latest technology, ZRemit completely eliminates the common obstacles in conventional multinational money transfers and promises to be a major step forward in international currency transactions.

With ZRemit, sender can perform direct peer-to-peer transactions at any time, anywhere, by a large network of agents in the community. Sender will only have to pay the lowest cost of money transfer thanks to ZRemit eliminating all intermediaries with high costs such as banks, companies providing international money transfer services.

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With Zremit-users's worries for cost will be completely removed

Our Vision

Right from the early days, ZRemit has determined its development path which based on modern technology, plus the power of the sharing economy that is the foundation of the system. These are the factors for us to expand to become the best provider of international money transfer services in Vietnam.

Our Mission

1 - FOR THE MARKET: Providing the best remittance products and services with international quality.

2 - FOR SHAREHOLDERS AND PARTNERS: Enhancing the spirit of cooperation and development; always increasing attractive and sustainable investment values.

3- FOR EMPLOYEES: Building a professional, dynamic, creative and human working environment; facilitate high income and equitable development opportunities for all employees.

4 - FOR SOCIAL: Create a sharing economy, significantly improve the lives of people.

Core values

The future of money transfer is to minimize costs and increase the usability of anyone. Now if you need to transfer money, you have to go to the bank, have a bank account, and take a lot of fees ... We are here to share, accompany and give you a completely new solution. With ZRemit, it's all on your fingertips!

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