With the mechanism of opening up, more and more international cooperation, international money transfer services to individuals, organizations and large enterprises. Customers need to choose a unit to perform financial transactions safely and efficiently. ZRemit application with many financial advantages, investors provide effective international trading and money transfer opportunities. Attractive exchange rates bring opportunities, competition on transactions beneficial to customers. Discover the advantages of attractive online money transfers with ZRemit

Quick international transfers with ZRemit

Diverse customer needs for international money transfer services: payment of purchases, travel, business trips, study abroad ... To minimize the risks of international money transfer, ZRemit application offers customers solutions. Flexible money transfers.

Users will easily make international money transfers directly through the application, after signing up for an account. ZRemit allows customers to make transactions right on their phones or computers without having to go to a counter in time.

Customers can convert local currency VND to USD or to other foreign currencies. The conversion fee will be calculated by% of transaction amount on one transaction and foreign exchange rate difference. Quick operation, no time consuming, cumbersome procedures or proving the origin of foreign currency.

ZRemit rates are more favorable for customers when dealing online. At the same time, the exchange rate is updated continuously to help customers understand the fluctuations to make the conversion at the right time, and make fast and secure international payments and transfers.

Customers can check transactions anytime, anywhere, control and manage finance effectively. Security and privacy are the greatest peace of mind for consumers when making international transactions.

Information to note when transferring money internationally with ZRemit

To perform international money transfer, customers need to convert foreign currencies in the local currency amount in their accounts. In order to convert safely and profitably, customers need to update the information of ZRemit exchange rate, foreign currency conversion fee.

International money transfer for personal, business or corporate needs, customers should check the available services supported at ZRemit. At the same time, there are many incentives for the package of money transfer service to study abroad, preferential rates for businesses ... customers should pay attention to use, optimize conversion.

Customers who transfer money online via ZRemit application will not have to wait, hidden charges. Because transactions are optimally controlled, listing fees, customers check and manage the cash flow.

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