Can not bring export labor abroad - What are enterprises and insiders say?

Since the Lunar New Year of the Lunar New Year 2020, the disease caused by the new strain of Corona appears and has complicated happenings, all pupils, students and workers are allowed to extend their vacation time to prevent and avoid the Covid epidemic. -19. At the same time, many recruitment and labor export orders were also halted, leading to difficulties in the labor export market. Under that situation, let's see what the business and the insiders say.

Labor export in 2020: Difficulties and hardships

Currently, localities identify labor export as an effective way to create jobs, so these years have focused on this work. But in the context of the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs instructed to suspend sending laborers to work in countries where the Covid-19 epidemic was. Especially Korea and Japan - the two leading markets in terms of the number of exported labor.

Reportedly, through the Covid-19 epidemic, people are very reserved, did not dare to register their children for labor export. At the same time, the propaganda has not done well, so the fear of lessons from 39 people in the UK is still there. Talking to the press, Mr. Phung Van Huy - Vice Chairman of Tien Phuoc District People's Committee said: “Based on the actual situation of the district's labor force, the district just registered this year to send labor exports from 70 to 80 people, trying hard. 100 people is a lot. The district authorities also try by all means to propagate and mobilize people to choose, because this is an effective way to create jobs. But at this point in time it is impossible to say when everything is suspended due to the epidemic. ”

Also according to Mr. Nguyen The Phuoc - Vice Chairman of Nam Tra My District People's Committee, labor export has been concerned by Labor for high efficiency, creating good effects. The district's laborers go to Japan and Saudi Arabia. But the political situation in the Middle East region was unstable, the disease of Covid-19 was raging, so in the immediate future the district still cooperated with enterprises to propagate, create sources, wait for the stable situation to dare for the labor of the District go to work abroad.

Discussing the solution, Mr. Phuoc said: “In the immediate future, the district still propagates and mobilizes the labor force to learn vocational skills and learn foreign languages ​​to improve the qualifications to have a quality labor source for export in a good market. The district's Labor Department focuses on students who are divided from grade 9, the demobilized soldiers return to the locality, graduates are unemployed. Laborers who want to go to export labor are still registered and accepted by the district, but must wait until there is a general policy to follow. In the immediate future, priority should be given to job placement in the province and neighboring provinces so that laborers will go to work, earn income and stabilize their lives ”.

Businesses voiced: We are also making great efforts!

Facing difficulties in the market, labor export enterprises have made efforts to cooperate with localities in recruiting labor to export labor. Although it is not possible to bring labor to work abroad at this time, the source creation is still in progress.

Mr. Le Dinh Toan - Chairman of Thuan An DMC Investment Joint Stock Company: Wishes Labor is not forcing

Currently, the political situation in the Middle East is unstable, the Covid-19 epidemic is unpredictable. To ensure the safety of labor, our company strictly adheres to the recommendations and abides by the direct documents of the sending country and the receiving country, suspending the sending of workers to work abroad for a definite time in the country. this time. However, businesses do not falter because of difficulties. We will continue with the province and districts to propagate to the people about the labor export policy, about the current situation to better advise labor.

In the immediate future, the company will still coordinate with the locality to consult, recruit and train to have the best labor source. This took more than 6 months. If the training is completed but still not able to leave for objective reasons, we hope that the labor force will not force businesses, otherwise the word of the entrance is why training without giving away will create public opinion. Good, affecting the export of labor in general of the whole province. When the Government of Vietnam and the host country have new instructions, the company will base on the implementation situation, only need perseverance from the Labor. For the Quang Nam Labor Union passing through Thuan An's channel, we constantly monitor the situation, have a connection with the Laborer daily to update information, if any unforeseen problem occurs, the company will contact contact with Vietnamese diplomatic agencies to support Laborers as quickly as possible. We also advise families with children who are working in countries where they can be assured of the support of the government and businesses together.

Mr. Dang Quang Ty - Deputy General Director of Labor Export Services and Experts Joint Stock Company (Suleco): Continuing to train labor as planned

Suleco is cooperating with Quang Nam in training labor for Nagasaki in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding on human resource exchange signed between Nagasaki Department of Industry and Labor (Japan) and Quang Nam Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs. We are training 4 labors at the Quang Nam Job Service Center, and will continue to open a new training course of more than 10 laborers in the coming time. The training courses are completely free. The training plan continues, not because of the disease, but stopped, if you can not concentrate, then learn online.

The current situation is not able to bring labor to the exit, the company complies with the instructions and recommendations of the authorities. Employees can be assured that Suleco, after receiving the labor, is the highest responsibility for laborers going to work abroad through the company's channel. Currently, Quang Nam has 30 employees who are sent to work in Japan by the company. The company connects regularly with labor, labor families as well as functional agencies in Vietnam to inform the health and employment situation of labor. At the same time, through the Union in Japan, the company can support the Labor when needed. All employees are working in a safe and healthy manner when working in Japan.

Ms. Tran Thi Cuc - Manager of Recruitment Department (Branch of New Technology Application and Tourism One Member Company Limited): There is always a connection between the parties.

We like the people of Quang Nam in particular and the Central people in general because of their hard work, the willingness to learn, the perseverance to achieve the goals they are aiming for. In this difficult situation, the company still consults and enrolls students to train quality labor. Because according to the information from the Japanese Union, the enterprises of that party still operate stably, so they still need labor resources. At this time, it is not possible to take labor but labor training is still needed. When the situation is stable, the company has the right quality labor force to exit.

The company always has a connection between the parties, including the company - the employees - the labor family - the Vietnamese diplomatic mission in Japan - Japanese union. Every employee we take to work in Japan, we keep in touch regularly through the company's human resources department, when there is a problem with the employee about employment, health, we catch up quickly and in support of Labor handling problems. The company chose the way to approach labor through state agencies such as the provincial Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, the provincial Job Service Center to introduce to the localities. This will create peace of mind for employees when working with the company on the related legal issues.

What are Insiders say?

From Tochigi province (Japan), Ms. Le Thi Thuong (Tien Cam, Tien Phuoc) informed that the working situation of her and 3 other labors in the same company were stable. However, due to the epidemic situation, the company recommends that employees restrict travel and protect their health by avoiding going to crowded places. The work of the labor force in the companies remains stable, with fewer overtime. Some necessities are scarce.

Ms. Thuong said: “Every day, we still get regular information from the mainstream Japanese media, read about the disease situation in the country. The family is constantly in contact with anxiety, but I am aware of myself to protect myself, so limit to crowded places, use masks at all times. During this time, those in the countryside who intend to go to work abroad should only study first, wait for the right time to go. ”

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