Experience in transferring money to international students in the 4.0

There are more than 130,000 Vietnamese citizens studying abroad * (* according to the Immigration Bureau) **, which makes parents' need for international money transfer for their children to pay tuition and student fees. The cost of living is not small. However, not everyone is familiar with the laws and regulations on money transfer procedures and limits.

** Traditional money transfer: Too complicated and complicated **

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According to the government's regulations as well as the actual international money transfer service of banks, the transfer of money abroad for the purpose of studying is very simple and convenient. However, it should be noted that the law complies with and provides all documents proving the purpose of transferring money to the remitting units.

International students and parents can refer to the following information for the transfer. Regarding transfer documents, students or parents need to prepare some basic documents as follows:

  • Valid passport of international student.
  • Valid student visa or other equivalent student visa documents.
  • Documents proving the tuition and living expenses with the international student's name according to the notice of the training institution. In case the training institution does not specifically inform about the cost of living, it must provide other documents proving that it is studying at a foreign training institution and will be transferred according to the quota based on the market. study abroad.
  • Documents proving the relative relationship of the money transfer and international students (in case the international students transfer their tuition and living expenses by themselves to the school or into their own accounts at foreign banks, it is not necessary. this paper).

** ZRemit - the leading international money transfer solution for international students **

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Currently, there are many international money transfer institutions on the market, but not all organizations are legal and reputable. Many cases of parents not being aware of the information have been deceived or appropriated by these organizations.

To avoid this situation, parents need to consider the selection of legal organizations (preferably reputable banks), which have a wide network for both sending and receiving money, in addition to procedures and levels. fee is also a problem.

Understanding the needs and desires of parents as well as international students, ZRemit was born to address the shortcomings that tradition lacks.

In particular, the application of the latest technology has enabled ZRemit to completely eliminate huge international transfer fees by connecting local bank accounts around the world. That means you can save up to 8 times by using ZRemit instead of your bank when you send / receive money overseas. With ZRemit, costs and exchange rates are always displayed clearly and transparently.

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