How to keep track of your online transfers

When you’re sending payments online, the last thing that you want to be doing is constantly checking the status of the order. Sitting there wondering where it is and if it’s reached your family or loved ones is not how you should spend your day.

Luckily, as we move towards a much more tech-savvy era, there are a lot of features that companies can now use to help their customers stay aware of where their money is. We show you how staying in the loop of your transfer’s status with ZRemit is as easy as ever, as we want to make sure our customers are always informed.

What are the ways I can keep track of it?

Transfer ID

After you set up your transfer, you’ll receive a transfer ID. This number can also be sent to your recipient at the same time so they can keep track of it too. All you have to do is enter their e-mail before the transfer is sent and they will be notified. When you receive a number, you can go here to see the status of your transfer.


Every step of the way, ZRemit will send you notifications to your e-mail that you signed up with. This includes when you send it, when the money is received by ZRemit and once the person you are sending it to has got it – whether you’re sending it so they can pick it up, or if you direct it to their bank account.

Push Notifications on our App

Have a smartphone but don’t have our app yet? Download it here for Android or iOS for free. We will send you alerts straight to your phone, so it’s the fastest way to keep you updated.

What if I’m not receiving any e-mails?

If you are not getting any e-mails from us, check your spam folders! Sometimes they do get sent there, so keep an eye out.

What if the recipient doesn’t pick up the funds?

5 days after the money is successfully sent to them, we will e-mail you or send a push notification on your phone to let you know that it’s still there. If they don’t pick it up after 2 weeks, the funds will be sent safely back to you.

Don’t forget….contact us!

If you have any questions about your transfer at any time, let us know! E-mail us or send a message to us across any of our social channels and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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