The scams of online transactions are increasing, what are users should keep in mind?

When social distancing has happened, people are mostly at home, and fraudulent groups increase their online scams via facebook, zalo, email or by making VOIP phone calls. In this situation, ZRemit writes this article to recommend customers the latest notes to protect their assets.

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New "old" scam but "new" victim

Typically, the target group will target unprofessional online sellers on social networking sites facebook, zalo. When posting ads, selling an item is usually worth a few million. This group of customers often interact with customers and place orders because they are living abroad to buy gifts for domestic relatives, so they will use international money transfer services such as Western Union, Money Gram. .

After asking for personal information, payment bank account number, the amount to be paid, they tell the seller who wants to receive money to access the pre-set link that falsifies the bank's receipt page. Enter the code to receive the money issued to the seller. The seller enters the code and the website switches to a new window asking for the username and bank password to perform the next step to enter the OTP code to complete the payment process.

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At this point, the fraud group had the username and password that created a transaction of a corresponding transfer order, so the OTP transfer code sent to the salesperson's phone number, the seller no doubt entered the OTP code. in the next interface, the object group had OTP for the first transfer. The seller did not receive the money, thinking that he entered the wrong OTP, the fraud team could promptly create a new transfer transaction if the seller continued. If you enter OTP code, you will lose money. The loop continues until the account balance runs out or the seller realizes the scam has been transferred more than twice by the fraud team.

Because the limit of money transfer per transaction is only VND 50 million, the account balance of the seller is also at that level, the amount of money appropriated by the target group is usually between VND 50-70 million. To launder money, they buy other people's bank accounts, use other people's IDs, CCCDs to paste their personal photos to banks for procedures to open card accounts. When withdrawing cash, they will hire other subjects to withdraw ATMs with a discount of 20-30% of the total amount they appropriated.

So what should customers be aware of?

To minimize the risk of online money transfers, ZRemit makes notes to help users be more secure:

  • Keep your wallet information confidential. Do not provide confidential information such as: private key, access password, key store, mnemonic to anyone and in any form (messaging, answering the phone, direct disclosure, entering the website unreliable…).
  • Should verify your information, and carefully review the enemy information. Do not transfer money to the subject without authentication. Beware of fake objects that you know through social networks as well as other communication channels such as: Email, phone, paper mail, SMS ... to cheat, suggest lenders / transfer money to your account Scammers.
  • Should check the website's information when making online transactions. Transactions should only be conducted at reputable, highly secure websites, the payment path usually starts with https: // and displays the logo of the security key in front. Zremit app.
  • Limit use of public wifi networks, at cafes to log in; Always download and update the latest security, antivirus and firewall software as well as the latest versions of applications provided by ZRemit;
  • Always exit the banking services and applications associated with e-banking services and e-commerce websites right after completing the transaction.
  • Besides, registering for the service of notifying fluctuations of payment account balances, savings deposit accounts, loan accounts is also a way to promptly detect and minimize risks related to transactions. weirdo.

Above are some notes from ZRemit. Experience the most secure money transfer - payment application in Vietnam.

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