Under the age of 18 can use the ZRemit app? Conditions for registering to use ZRemit application

International money transfer is a need not only for working people but also for students who are of student age who want to send money to their families.

So, what is the prescribed age to use the money transfer service? Can people under 18 register to use the ZRemit app?

Regulations on the age of using current money transfer services

ZRemit is a multinational money transfer application that uses an ATM card. An ATM card is a card that withdraws money from an ATM, meaning that any card with a cash withdrawal feature is considered an ATM card. Such as international payment cards, debit cards, credit cards are all considered an ATM card form.

According to the latest regulations of the Government, citizens aged 15 and above, who have been granted identity cards and have full capacity for civil acts, can easily open an ATM card. inland. But one thing to note is that you can only open a bank account, not a card (because of some security factors).

However, to ensure safety and certainty, a number of banks have regulations that require Mastercard / Visa credit card registration to be at least 18 years old, if under 18, when will parents supervise? can make cards. The most important condition is that you need your identity card to secure the card.

The condition for you to use the relatively simple international money transfer service is that you only need to prove your identity and ATM card. In Vietnam, by the age of 16, you can already prove yourself. And so, being able to make domestic ATM bank cards only function to receive money and withdraw money is completely easy.

Conditions for registering ZRemit

Signing up for a ZRemit account is extremely easy, but you need account authentication (KYC) to fully use the functions.

  • Step 1: Sign up for a ZRemit account with your phone number and password
  • Step 2: Prepare identification documents (ID card / PASSPORT, APARTMENT). Take 2 front and back images and upload them to the system.
  • Step 3: Wait for approval and enjoy the full functionality!

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